"A Texas Midwife" Eveith Miller

Eveith Miller Licensed Midwife
 Midwifing since 1972, Eveith has practiced in three states. Specializing in home birth and underwater birthing. Eveith has a life long interest in midwifery. Her children were born with midwives and now the years have passed and her 2 daughters have had underwater home births with FIVE grandchildren.  She was midwife, mother and grandmother for those births.
Eveith has had many birthing experiences including, vbacs, twins and breeche babies at home.  She is an expert in her field. Appointments can be done in the office or In the convienience of your home. 
Eveith travels to rural areas to deliver babies in Texas.
Home birth is uniquely satisfying when guided by a licensed  professional and a long standing midwifery and family home birthing advocate.
Eveith's practice provides all services required for a healthy pregnancey, and all preperations for childbirth at home. She also provides nutritional advice and herbal treatments that are helpful and proven benificial to pregnancy, birth and post care.
The office also provides other licensed professional practitioners including massage as a part of your total fee.
All fees have the pleasure of being worked out and paid in full by the 37th week of your care.
Lab work and all required testing is provided.
Classes are availabe. 
Free consultations anytime convienient to your schedual.
Please feel free to call anytime to set up your special appointment

Mobil midwife appointments
Dallas and Rual areas of texas
Dallas, TX 75243
United States

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