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            Amy Tonkin Smith, CPM                            Ondra Watson, CPM, LDM

Motherseed Midwifery, LLC has Certified and Licensed homebirth midwives who give comprehensive care during your special journey. We conduct every visit in the privacy and comfort of your own home, including a free consultation interview. Our Obstetric fee includes prenatal visits, phone consultations, labor, birth, and immediate postpartum care, postpartum visits (including newborn examination and checkups), midwifery supplies used during the birth (you do not need to purchase a birth kit), and on-call services.

Services We Provide

* Midwives model of care care provided in your own home
* Individualized prenatal care, including nutritional counseling.
* One hour long prenatal visits with two Professional Homebirth Midwives,
* 24 hour on-call availability of your midwives,
* Routine labs and exams,
* Midwifery care and support during your birth in your home,
* Water-birth option,
* Full postpartum care for you and your baby,
*Well woman gynecological care, including STD testing, routine annual exams and birth control counseling,
* Childbirth education classes
* Placental medicine encapsulation
* Insurance Billing



"We have a secret in our culture, and it's not that birth is painful.
It's that women are strong."

Laura Stavoe Harm




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