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For most of us, pregnancy is a journey. As our bodies change, little pieces of our soul change too. I aim to inspire women to experience the sacredness of pregnancy and birth. Sometimes that means that we love and laugh through our time together, and sometimes that means we cry as we break down walls. I spend an hour at each visit so that we truly have a relationship by the time we go through labor together. That time spent prenatally is so valuable to me. I love educating families and sharing their world. When the time comes for your baby to be born I try to support you in the way you need me. For each family that will mean something different. In the end, our closeness allows for the flexibility to flow with whatever your birth work will be. I am a lover of waterbirth, father assisted birth, and siblings as birth partners. My role is often as a gatekeeper, passing in and out of your birth space when you need me.

My path to becoming a midwife began with my own children. My first baby I had beautifully in the hospital, and the rest have been home birthed. I have been fortunate to be loved by wonderful women at each of my births. At my first I had a gentle nurse who was more of a doula to me and helped me to have a un-medicated birth. My second baby came with a midwife, Sheila, who sparkled as she helped *me* bring my daughter into this world. That was a turning point for me. She did not tell me what to do or how to do it, just accompanied me on my way through labor. My third and fourth babies were both born with my friend and mentor, Rachel. We laughed, cried, and moaned our way through the fastest, and then, the hardest births I have had. I am truly blessed.

In 2004 I began studying to become a midwife. I began apprenticing with Rachel when she opened A Sister’s Touch. I became obsessed with mothers, babies, and birth. I find the science and physiology of pregnancy and birth inexhaustibly entertaining. My second mentor, Cathy, shares my passion for the science behind our calling. She encouraged me to offer evidence based care while still respecting the traditional wisdom of my sister midwives. I don’t know that I will ever feel like I am done with my education as I have found each family I work with teaches me something new. In late 2006 I began practicing as a Traditional Midwife. During that time I began the PEP process for NARM to become a CPM. In August of 2007 I passed my final exam and am now a Certified Professional Midwife. I can’t say that I feel like I am a *better* choice than any of the other midwives in our area. We are fortunate to have many great midwives in all different settings. I feel that we are all different and women deserve to have the midwife who is right for them. I do free hour long pressure free interviews so that we can see how we fit together. In the end, I strive to help women find their safe place and companion for birth.

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