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Water is wonderful for therapy for all kinds of problems. The medical community has been using water therapy for back injuries and other injuries for years. Some physical therapy units have pools and hot tubs to be used for the therapy process.

Why not for birth? Many babies are now being born into water. Water therapy is wonderful for a hard labor or a long labor. It helps for back labor as well. If you are having a long labor, perhaps the baby is slightly posterior and needs to turn. Sometimes those contractions are so hard for mothers to deal with, and after they climb into the tub, they are able to relax more and that helps to turn the baby as they relax. Most all mothers like the water therapy. If you don't want to deliver in the water, at least labor in the water.

The following photos are of one of my grandchilds birth. After being in the tub, many mothers find their labor shortened. It is safe to deliver in the tub Remember that babies do not 'breath' until they take a breath of air. As long as they are under the water, their body will function just like they were in side of the uterus, in the bag of waters. For a baby that has mech. stained fluid, it is s great way to reduce the chance of aspiration. (when the baby has a bowel movement prior to the birth, this sticky stool can be aspirated into the lungs) The bath water washes out the baby's mouth and removes the mech. from the infants mouth. We still suction the baby when we bring him/her up onto moms chest, because they could have aspirated some of the mec. fluid prior to the delivery. 
   I do water births for my clients in my midwifery practice.  Contact me for more information.

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