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Congratulations on your pregnancy!
I am a Certified Professional Midwife through NARM and a Licensed Idaho midwife specializing in water birth and VBACs. I live in Coeur'Alene, Idaho and am a happily married mother with 5 kids of my own. Experience and education have taught me that homebirth is a gentle, safe way for babies to be brought into this world and I have been honored to share that experience with many wonderful families!
I became a birth doula (labor assistant) many years ago for families wishing to experience a completely natural birth in a hospital setting, and I still provide this service for a few select couples. However, I do believe homebirth is statistically safer for moms and babies which led me pursue my calling into midwifery. I trained intensively for three additional years under several different midwives (and a VERY busy birth center!) and for the last 8 years have had my own practice. I have completed the requirements to become a CPM through the North Amercian Registry of Midwives and am also a Licensed Midwife in the state of Idaho. I have taken classes in neonatal resuscitation, pharmacology, IV/shock therapy, and suturing.
I tend to use herbs and homeopathics (rather than harsh medications) to manage any situations that come up during labor. I do however carry oxygen and medications in case the more natural remedies aren't enough to manage the complication we are faced with.  I provide extensive care for both mother and baby after the birth, up to 6 weeks post-partum. All of my prenatal and postpartum visits are in your home where you are most comfortable. My rates are extremely affordable and I always bring an assistant with me to births for added comfort and care.
Please contact me for a free consultation, and many blessings to you on your journey to parenthood! ~ Sarah Andrews, Midwife 208-704-2765
709 Bushwood Ave.
Coeur d Alene, ID 83815
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