Midwife Without Borders

Currently I am semi-retired. I do fewer births, giving more-personal attention basis. I am a CPM, a Licensed Midwife in Texas, and a licensed or Registered Midwife in Belize. I will travel, on an as available basis, to countries where midwifery is legal, but where home births and/or water births are rare or unavailable. See my web site at www.midwifewithoutborders.com. Normally when doing births in a foreign country I allocate two, or sometimes three, weeks around your delivery date and come and stay with you for delivery and also stay several days after delivery. I have over 20 years of experience and have delivered over 1,400 babies.
P. O. Box 251
Four Mile Lagoon
Corozal Town, BAB 99999

p. 011-501-621-4048


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